Who We Are



The operation team of Console consists of members who have experiences working in the PCO related industry such as travel agencies, hotels and event management companies.  The team members possess in-depth understanding of the operation process.



The Console research team is constantly mining various resources to provide the best and most up-to-date information to provide clients with superior service.  Console’s research team has always been able to obtain new information which in many occasions helped clients improve participation and income.



A bright marketing team leads the way for Console, wielding vast experience in corporate and consumer marketing and communications, and deep knowledge of various fields. The team wields a wealth of creativity and expertise in numerous areas, including delegate boosting activities, sponsorship recruitment, marketing, sales, advertising, publicities, etc.

Editorial and Design


Driving the editorial function is a team of writers and editors boasting expertise in various specialties. In addition to creative talent, the team members offer collective experience in medical practice, medical communications, bilingualism, publication writing and editing. The Console editorial and design team produces high-quality and versatile visual communication.

Information Technology


Console’s IT team assist clients in capitalising on information technology to improve the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of their projects.  The common tasks include developing websites, designing and developing online registration, online abstract submission, online hotel booking, conceptualising and developing multimedia, developing interactive CD ROM, etc.

CONSOLE is a professional conference
organizer (PCO) and strategic communications agency with offices in Kuala Lumpur,
Singapore and Hong Kong.

As a PCO, we are different from other event organisers because we manage, coordinate, facilitate and synchronise the various
aspects of a project.

We have the resources and expertise
to organize any event of any size. Because
there is no such thing as too small or
too big – especially ideas