Who We Are

Project planning & Timeline


We assign a team of people from various backgrounds to handle different areas of the project. By creating a detailed timeline for all aspects involved, we help you to plan efficiently and concentrate on matters that will add value to the conference.

Budget & Finance management


We prepare cost analysis for all items involved to help you to understand the financial consequences of each action. Budgets are constantly monitored and updated throughout the planning process. At the operation level, we perform day-to-day accounting tasks such as issuing receipts, collecting registration fee and sponsorship income, managing bank account and consolidating the final project account.

Marketing & Communication plan

With years of invaluable experience tucked under their belts, our marketing professionals can develop a savvy conference communication plan with ease. We’ll assist you in developing an integrated communication strategy – identifying the best tools and channels to reach the target audience.

The result? We’re able to create more publicity to garner more sponsorship and registration for the conference.

Sponsorship & Exhibition


We’ll work closely with you to identify potential sponsors and exhibitors.
Then, we take care of the sales and administration tasks of the sponsorship and exhibition. Our expertise will ensure that it’s a win-win situation for you and them.

Registration, Accommodation management & Ground handling

With a strong background in the travel and hospitality industry, we have the added advantage to negotiate and make the best arrangements for all delegates – without compromising on each individual’s unique requirements.

Social activities & Tours

CONSOLE knows best when it comes to social events. From welcome reception to opening ceremony, tours to dinners, we’ll ensure your guests have a pleasant time – even before the conference begins.



Our dedicated professionals are renowned for providing the best hospitality to all guests and delegates. With a vast experience in protocol and security for VIPs, we are ever ready to meet any requirement necessary.

Information technology

Besides offering creative solutions for IT and AV requirements at conferences, we top it off with additional services such as information systems, software and website development, electronic payment, online registration, abstract submission and hotel booking system.

Editorial & Design

Our team of writers and designers boast expertise in various fields – including medical communications, visual communications and publishing. Besides copywriting and proofreading, they’ll liaise with publishers to ensure that all communication materials are delivered right on time.

CONSOLE is a professional conference
organizer (PCO) and strategic communications agency with offices in Kuala Lumpur,
Singapore and Hong Kong.

As a PCO, we are different from other event organisers because we manage, coordinate, facilitate and synchronise the various
aspects of a project.

We have the resources and expertise
to organize any event of any size. Because
there is no such thing as too small or
too big – especially ideas